The Hidden Palace
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The Hidden Palace

Sonic 3 Review is done!! I just have to add screen shots to Sonic 2 and 3, and that's not very important right now, and that'll come along later. I can now begin my other sections!

Got Sonic 3 Review done!! Look for a new FANFIC section coming soon! Send in any fanfics you may have or write one for me! Write the story on the email (no text files) and send it to me at! I will put it up on my fanfic page as soon as I get one!

A hacker put a strange message on my site, and I got rid of it. This happened to my friend also. I know it's nothing, but if you notice any strange messages such as this, please email me at I hope this doesn't happen in the future, as I have big hopes for this site!

Finished Sonic 2 Review. Only 22 more days until Dreamcast comes out! Happy days! Well, there isn't much to update right now, so keep checking for more updates.

Finally got to my page again! Now I'll pick up where I left off. Sonic 2 Review will be done very shortly.

I finished the Sonic 1 Review and I just have to add screen shots to it, and I'm beginning the Sonic 2 Review. Almost done with my logo, it will probably be up in one or two days. I have now submitted my page to most major web searches, so I should be getting much more traffic!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this page, sign my guestbook or email me at! Thanks!

Added hit counter and guest book. Made the reviews link lead to something, although I haven't finished that part yet. Hints & Tips Section coming soon!

I'm a Christian, and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I've accepted him as my savior, and I hope you do to. Any questions you may have about this subject, or for Christian talk, email me at

Various Links
The New Zelda Ultimate Site My friend's great Zelda site. Be sure to vote for his page in the Zelda Top 50!
The Official Sega Web Site Has new updates on the Dreamcast, the inventors of Sonic (duh). Check it out!
Segaweb Has tons of information on Dreamcast, check it out!
Gamefan Good site with lots of Dreamcast news and stuff! The leader of the Super Sonic web ring, this site is great! Check it out!

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